Core Values

Our Core Values. Our believes.

I have developed a method to make the world a better place. There is absolutely no reason why waste precious time when developing sustainable cities. Let us build the city of tomorrow today!

Using my method we have the opportunity to construct our own sustainable, green and healthy urban environment.

When I was a little boy my friend Christian and I build our first paradise city.

We shared all our toys and started to transform the living room into a metropole using horse stables, train tracks, castles and plastic trees. We arranged our peaceful city along a green axle, the whole ensemble was protected by a wall. We imagined a river flowing through our beautiful forest providing clean water for inhabitants and their vegetable gardens and such.

This story is very important for me as I believe that besides a great lack of technical knowledge and architecture it shows the deep aspiration to live a healthy life in peace with nature and our neighbours. Furthermore, I always had this craving for a stable and quite green environment without missing the lifestyle of a vibrant metropole. Therefore, I think it is a remarkable evidence of incapacity that we prefer to destroy our natural resources instead of a long term enhancement.

Please do not hesitate and read the articles GDP and GCF in order to understand my simple and cost effective method of a paradise city.

Using my method developers are able to transform every single street and every single estate, every city coding area, entire cities and every country regardless of the geographic location or the demographic situation.

Let’s start talking!

Dr.-Ing. Architect Florian Betzler

Green Formula

The factors allow to adjust/optimize the entire building regarding its shape, the energy systems and the exterior greenery towards environmental buildings and cities. read more


The Green Density Factor and Green Cooling Factor will address architects, developers/planners and decision makers – as well as a variety of specialists. read more

About us

Besides lectures in architecture and environment, and speaking’s I have developed different workshops to gain a practical approach to the topic of green architecture. read more